Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue / Time Warp

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue / Time Warp

I recently purchased a large lot of 45 RPM records, fully expecting them to be older music because the first handful I examined were largely The Everly Brothers. So, imagine my surprise when I was picking something for today and Electric Avenue, a song I recognize.

Electric Avenue is from taken from the LP Killer on the Rampage, it was stamped in 1982. It is under the Portrait label (a trademark of CBS Records Canada), catelogue 37 03793.

A Side of Eddie Grant's Electric Avenue 45 RPM single
A Side of Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue 45 RPM single

A Side
Electric Avenue (3:37)
from Killer on the Rampage

B Side
Time Warp (3:30)
(Non-Album Track)

Covering this single is somewhat contrary to what I set out to do here, its well documented on the internet already and still gets some radio play on stations I know. Still, here we are. I knew nothing of Eddy Grant other than Electric Avenue before putting this 45 on the turntable, and if we are being truthful, I hoped that the B-Side would be that other Time Warp, instead I found a pleasant, mostly instrumental, track. Electric Avenue itself is a song I get enough of on the radio. Still, I now know about ringbang and a tiny bit more of the history of Caribbean music as a whole, and that is worth something.

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