Peggy Lee – It’s All Over Now / Aren’t You Kind of Glad we Did?

Peggy Lee – It’s All Over Now / Aren’t You Kind of Glad we Did?

Finally, we have it: a jazz 78. I did not know the name Peggy Lee, but do I ever know the voice. Fever, one of, to me, the most iconic vocal jazz songs of the era. A Disney movie that I know I have seen but hardly remember. I am all but certain I have heard her coming from my father’s speakers. All this in addition to the dozens of times her voice has appeared in the soundtrack to movies, television and even video games.

This 78 bears the Capitol Records label. Credited are Peggy Lee, with Dave Barbour and his orchestra. The catelogue number is 292, it was released in 1946. The A side is stamped with 1211-4L-7 in the runout, the B side 1212-2L-7.

A-Side of Peggy Lee's It's All Over Now 78
A-Side of Peggy Lee’s It’s All Over Now 78

Side A
It’s All Over Now
Don Marcotte, Sunny Skylar

Side B
Aren’t You Kind of Glad We Did?
George & Ira Gershwin
From the Twentieth Century-Fox Picture The Shocking Miss Pilgrim

This is the second 78 in as many days that has me seeking out old movies. I love the era of cinema, so having these starting points for musicals, a genre I have a harder time getting into, is wonderful for me.

I, sadly, do not have a whole lot of specifics to say about these songs. I like the, I will return to them, I will be on the look out for LPs of Peggy Lee’s singing from this era so I can appreciate it on a less static plagued media (my 78 collection has not been well cared for, and this particular disc is scratched as well as filthy, so I fear cleaning will not be enough to restore it). They are beautiful songs, performed by an extremely talented singer.

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