Grandpa Joe & Grandma Ethel’s Old Camp Wine Recipes

Grandpa Joe & Grandma Ethel’s Old Camp Wine Recipes

I never really knew my grandfather, he passed when I was a toddler, and my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s progressed such that when I became interested in stories, it was too late. They, of course, live on in their children, family and friends, but also in the odd bits and pieces they left behind. I found one such artefact at my parents’ camp a few years ago, and copied what I could from it.

It was a book of recipes, but not of the this is how type, it reminds me more of a chemist’s lab book, recording what was done and how it worked out. I’ve never tried making any of these, although I would like to some day, and I cannot endorse or recommend any of them. But right now I have the time to transcribe, and hopefully find something weird and wonderful to try.

I have dozens of photographed pages, I do not know what is really on any of them at this point, and I make no promises or guarantees, but I hope to be able to get at least a few of these published before the world begins to spin back up.

Recipe Book

Pumpkin Wine 1
Pumpkin Wine 2
Crabapple Wine 1
Cranberry Wine 1

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